Brilliant Marketing Strategy Examples From Dominant Brands

Because there is no one-size-fit-all approach to marketing, you often can find the best examples of marketing strategies by brands dominating in their respective industry. Here’s how five top brands go about their marketing efforts, and the key strengths of their approaches.

1. GoPro

Some may argue that GoPro is fortunate because their product naturally results in highly visceral and immersive content that appeals to the emotions and encourages shares and interactions. After all, GoPro content is authentic and shareable. Undoubtably, when it comes to marketing, this gives the brand a clear advantage.

GoPro videos are a perfect match for global social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, or Vine, and at any moment a video uploaded by a user could go viral on any one of these platforms.

This incredible video has more than 27 million views as of this writing.

However, as powerful as this may be, it is just one element of the brand’s incredible success.

GoPro has vigorously engaged key communities, securing incredible brand awareness and adoption in key verticals; most notably in the extreme and adventure sports market. The brand also possesses a strong position in specific niches, such as road cycling and scuba diving.

For GoPro, it’s not so much the miniature cameras themselves, but the possibilities that they afford which generates leading brand equity. Nick Woodman, CEO and inventor of the camera, spoke recently of how the camera “has made nothing unfilmable” in an interview with the Telegraph…

But the crux of GoPro’s success, and one of the brand’s greatest strengths, is user-generated content.

GoPro is constantly improving the technology users need to edit, upload, and share their videos (a GoPro app allowing users to do this on their mobile devices is expected to launch this summer). It makes for an incredible marketing strategy with multi-faceted benefits – the GoPro start and end frames for example, have become highly recognizable among users, setting an expectation in consumers’ minds for content that excites and entertains.

When that GoPro logo hits, you know you’re about to see something interesting, and you pay attention.” Woodman said.”The majority of [our] video[s] come from our customers and it’s wildly authentic.”

Ultimately, it’s the ingenious way in which GoPro approach their content that defines the brand’s content strategy. For GoPro, content is as much part of the brand as the product itself – an incredibly powerful asset.

GoPro’s Marketing Strategy Key Strengths:

  • Exceptional platform/channel synergy, with highly visceral and emotional content.
  • Engage specific communities and key markets.
  • Encourage authentic, shareable, user-generated content.
  • Maintain strong brand visibility and logos across all content, which already has a distinct identity.
  • Content is irrevocably tied to the brand’s product, and part of the brand’s value proposition.

2. Heineken

If social media popularity is an indicator of brand popularity, then with more than 19 million Facebook likes (as of this writing), Heineken is perhaps the most popular beer brand in the world.

Heineken has a reputation for delivering stylish, recognizable ads that embody the brand’s “Open Your World” global campaign. The tagline, which originated from a 2011 breakthrough ad (below), was credited with rejuvenating the marketing endeavours of a brand that until then had “struggled to find a breakthrough marketing message“.

The campaign appeals to the brand’s key millennial male audience. The brand’s focus on this demographic has led the brand to invest heavily in sports sponsorship: Heineken has established themselves as a primary sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, and as a result have been a staple of Wednesday evening football nights.

Recent years have been rewarding and well-acclaimed. Heineken recently won the 2015 Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year award where Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals, described Heineken as a brand that “lives and breathes creativity throughout its organization, and has a superb framework that allows its marketing teams the freedom to experiment while retaining the core essence of their many brands.”

Heineken brilliantly combines that creativity with a laser-focus on their key demographic, and constantly scales that across many territories. Heineken has built and executed a consistent and integrated multichannel marketing strategy.

As stated in this analysis from Mashable, “what makes the ‘Open Your World’ campaign so effective is that Heineken positioned it to be a platform, not a one-off commercial. With each edition of the series, Heineken created local executions and digital appendages that bolster the campaign’s messaging and reach new consumers, both on-the-ground and on social media.”

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